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Template:Infobox paintball marker The Planet Eclipse Ego is an electropneumatic, open bolt stack tube paintball marker manufactured by Planet Eclipse,. The Ego was first introduced in late 2004 (as the 2005 model).


File:TKPB 06 02 07.jpg
A speedball player shooting an Ego7.

Stock models[edit]


  • ETek
  • ETek2: Announced in November 2007 and available soon thereafter, the ETek2 is the second generation ETek. Improvements over the original ETek include a lighter weight, new circuit board, redesigned trigger frame, new on/off air system, new inline regulator, new low pressure regulator, and standard 2-piece Shaft barrel. Some have commented that these upgrades make the ETek2 effectively an SL66.
  • ETek3 (2008)
  • ETek4 AM (2012)
  • ETek4 LT (2012)
  • ETek5 (December2014)

Special editions[edit]


Much debate surrounds the Etha due to its operating mechanism being a hybrid of both a poppet and a spool valve. The Etha uses a poppet to open the valve which allows air to flow out of the spool valve dump chamber. Despite the similarities in appearance, it has very little in common with the Planet Eclipse Geo.


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