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Welcome to WikiPaintball Project.

Started in December 2017, it's goal is to go beyond the remit of online Encylopedias like Wikipedia and chronicle absolutely everything important in paintball's history. is the Online Paintball Encyclopaedia: By Paintballers, for Paintballers. The goal is to include all of the existing paintball content from Wikipedia PLUS:

and everything else you can think of in paintball's history. This site is currently a work in progress, and still needs a lot of work. We are working hard to add extra functionality from other wikis such as referencing, image uploads, bots to automate some functions but this will take some time. Please respect copyright and don't plagiarise other content, unless it is specifically allowed via creative commons. Please don't use this as an excuse to spam your product or engage in blatent advertising, instead help build a resource for paintballers now and in the future.


1) Register an account, make sure you complete the CAPTCHA (this is to prevent spam) 2) Make your first edit to a page, or create a new page. The first time you do this it will have to be manually approved by a moderator (again to prevent spam), from then on all changes will be automatically published 3) Update pages with all your paintball knowledge 4) Share...


Here are the latest WikiPaintball Updates


These are great sources of paintball history, please use them when researching articles for the WikiPaintball Project

  • Warpig - [[1]]
  • VintageRex - [[2]]
  • BacciPaintball - [[3]]
  • Pbnation - [[4]]
  • M.Carter Brown [[5]]
  • Paintball Manuals [[6]]
  • Facebook - Old School Paintball Guns [[7]]